Yazan Setabouha

Artist, Architect



Yazan Setabouha (Jordan): Jordanian artist and architect, Yazan Setabouha, engages with the anthropology of definitions, excavating intimate processes of the soul, mind and body. Working through lines, installation, video and performance, Yazan’s phenomenologically informed practice deconstructs his reality in an attempt to capture obscured everyday rituals and situations. Building for demolishing; consciously undergoing states of repeated unlearning and resurrecting.


  • 2019-21 – Entrelacs, Paris/Amman
  • 2019.10 – Away from a state of things – The Lab/Darat Al Funun, Amman 2019.08 – Caution! Slippery Grounds – ZK/U, Berlin
  • 2019.05 – Amma Fi Amman – Amman
  • 2019.03 – Lindt Runway – Jordan Fashion Week, Amman
  • 2019.03 – Incantation of The Real, Kurzor Gallery, Prague
  • 2019.01 – Paper It – The Corner Art Space, Amman
  • 2017.04 – Metascape – JNGFA, Amman
  • 2017.06 – Entities – Bluefig, Amman 2017.04 – 7 Artists – Zara Gallery, Amman

Yazan’s project “POST MASCULINITY”

Yazan’s Insatgram:

-My Project with CCC-

We are projections of the self, god in all forms, the form, a nondimensional form, asymmetrical symmetry. While darkness lies in our unseen, uninterrupted and unfaced self, empathy acts as a fuel to recognise and understand. I will be consciously emphasising on empathy as a tool and acting as a strategy to master and embody a new skill. My yearning in this collaboration is to deconstruct our reality to its basic forms and look into our daily rituals.ِAnxiously observing layers and removing the unnecessary, focusing on the core of any act in a word that I named “denovate”, the opposite of innovate. As the process dwells in the unknown, our light and energy would be the sounds of jazz, funk and deep house.

For more:

CCC Participating Artist/Group

CCC Mentor

What is CCC

CCC Training Manual

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