Sana Ghalieh

Cultural Facilitator, Drama Teacher


Sana Ghalieh (Jordan): My freelance experiences include Conducting Educational Drama workshops for Teachers from 2016 till now with ABDEL MOHSIN AL-QATTAN FOUNDATION; Educational Drama trainer with MADRASATI (I am Teacher Project) in 2017; Cultural Facilitator from 2009 to 2020 with USAID-MOBILE LIBRARY PROJECT.

From February to June 2019, I worked as a Seconder students drama Teacher at AL-RAED AL ARABI SCHOOLS. From 2015 to 2018, I worked as a Cultural facilitator MAYAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, focusing on assisting in developing a program of visiting artists to enhance the cultural experience of students at all levels, planning the Annual Music Camp Write and direct cultural plays, planning and coordinate the Annual school Concert. Plan and coordinate the Cultural Awards, launching and execute marketing plans. Prior to that, I worked as Service Request Assistance with CISCO SYSTEMS; as an Activities Coordinator with MODERN AMERICAN SCHOOL; as a Librarian at THE CHILDREN MUSEUM OF JORDAN.

Additionally, I currently am a participant at “Dozan Wa Awtar” choir. I have participated in the Drama summer school, mastered by the pioneers of Drama professors, through A.M Qattan Foundation.

Moreover, I wrote and directed a school play named “Gorbah International Airport”, 2018 won the second place in the general school curriculum competition/ University brigade in 2018. I wrote & directed school operetta, participated in the Second innovation children festival in 2017. I was a Jury theater contest in the ministry of Education in 2017. I wrote and directed a shadow theater play for English Language Olympics ELO about tourism and won the second place in 2016. I created and directed a children play, which participated at “Innovation children festival in Jordan” in 2016.

Alhakawati, a school children play, written and directed by me. Was chosen to participated in the First innovation children festival. won the third place in the contest of the curriculum of the Directorate of Education / University brigade.

I have participated as a Storyteller, Safax Children Book Exhibition- Tunsia.

I acted in a short film with the RSICA-Wind fiction.

I produced, wrote and directed a documentary film named: appointment with the place.

Finally, I was the Storyteller in the Anna Linda book exhibition program, in cooperation with the Swedish Embassy book exhibition & Ruwwad Organization.

-My Project with CCC-

Transforming nature (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth) to a performance. The Plot is Time. The aim of my project is to highlight the role of the Choreography performance in the expanding of both the scientific, the social and the environmental dialogue by upgrading the relationship of the Choreography dance with the natural environment by making the natural elements – fire, water, air, earth as a key driver of sustainability and development in a cultural heritage performance.

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