Rawan Roshni

Singer/songwriter, Performance artist



Rawan Roshni (Jordan): Rawan Roshni is a singer/songwriter, performance artist and facilitator – based in Amman, Jordan for the past 10 years. She lives to experiment with different forms of expression and to explore – both inner worlds and the outer one. She loves fusion – be it between different genres of music, between sound and movement, between cultures and between methodologies – creating new formulas by the mixing of ingredients; creating unique experiences. Art for her is a lifestyle. After founding multiple projects in Jordan and performing on stages across the region as well as offering her Wonders of Whirling Workshop in multiple countries, she is now focused on developing more of her original content and furthering her skills in her craft.

Rawan has performed contemporary and whirling dance in Amman, Jordan, as part of “Semazen in motion”, Drum Jam’s “Percussion without borders”, and a theatre piece “Thilal al Hob”. In Turkey, she performed in Konya with live music by Ahoora Band from Iran, and in Sidi BouSaeed, Tunisia, at the Rouhaniyet Festival.

Rawan has performed contemporary whirling dance in multiple video pieces. In her music video “Seaheart” and in a Dabkeh inspired fusion to the sounds of 47Soul, “Whirling in occupied Palestine”. You can also see her whirling in music videos as “Different” for Kuwait Hip-hop Duo Sons of Yusuf, and in a Ramadan Quarantine Collaboration entitled “All is one” with Dubai-based Palestinian Poet Dana Dajani and Jordanian music producer Press Music. Most recently, she was filmed performing her self-choreographed piece to the song “Home”, by Lebanese music producer Earlybird.

Additionally, Rawan offers her Wonders of Whirling workshops that explore the origin of whirling dance, share contemporary whirling techniques, hold experiments with skirts, and give participants the space to go on their own spinning journey with especially curated music. Numerous workshops has been taken place in studios, retreats, and festivals across Jordan, including Studio 8, Prana Space, Artisana, Soul Alchemy, Mystic Earth and more. Workshops were also offered in Egypt, Palestine and Spain.

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