Mustafa Al Shalabi

Dance Artist, Activist


Mustafa Al Shalabi (Jordan): Based in Amman, Jordan, Mustafa Al Shalabi is a performing artist and dancer. His work tackles sexuality, self acceptance and femininity. He received his training at the NCCA, 4 years ago. Mustafa Al Shalabi started dancing because he believed in movements, and that it is the right way of expressing himself. He has performed in works by Shireen Talhouni, and Fanan Al Shalabi at Amman Design Week, the NCCA, Royal Cultural Center, Al Hussein Cultural Center, French Institute, and Mrs. Talhouni’s Private Studio. Mustafa Al Shalabi has a flexible mindset, and is keen to be more involved in visual performing.

Vimeo Channel:

Mustafa Al Shalabi’s participation in رقصة ظمأ Thirst Dance:

-My Project with CCC-

I have a couple of ideas of what I am going to be working on; one of my ideas is a piece called Re-Birth. Re-Birth, is a piece that talks about letting go of past traumas, sad and stuck memories, transforming into the new self, the now.

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CCC Participating Artist/Group

CCC Mentor

What is CCC

CCC Training Manual

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