Mohammad Qattan


Mohammad Qattan (Jordan): Mohammad Qattan is a Hip Hop and Break dancer, who has been active since 2009, and able to perform Modern and Urban dance. He participated in a several Commercial performances and Contemporary plays since 2018.

My Performance experience:

2019, “Wujoud wa Hodoud”– a multidisciplinary performance by Studio 8.

2018, “The Iris Dream”, directed by Ismat Farouk, written by Riad Seif Starring: Bashar Najm, Rola Abu Khadra, Nidal Al-Battiri, Tayseer Al-Briji, Zainab Al-Sharrouf, Salsabila Baraiseh, Abdullah Khalil, Ghali Abu Khriba, Rabih Al-Shrouf, Baha Abu Sham, Raghad Nofal, Muhammad Qattan

-My Project with CCC-

My idea was inspired by the people around me; how intelligent and deferent they are as individuals, but on the other hand they are stupid and easy to control as groups.

For more:

CCC Participating Artist/Group

CCC Mentor

What is CCC

CCC Training Manual

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