Majdal Folk Ensemble


Majdal Folk Ensemble (Jordan): The idea of Majdal started in mid-2019 after a group of young men and women from Jordan taking a 2-year-Dabkeh-dance-training-workshop by the “Palestinian Folklore Troupe – Palestine”. Majdal is an artistic troupe focusing on performing folk dance Dabkeh, conducting training for Dabke trainers, and general public.

-Featured Members of Majdal PDT-

Arwa Al-Haj was born in Amman, Jordan. She obtained a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from University of Jordan (2010-2015), working in the Engineering field till now. In 2017 started Dancing Folklore as part of the Dabke training project under the supervision of the “El-Funoun Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe” from Palestine. After two years of training, a group started to establish the Majdal Folklore Troupe in Jordan, At the present time, one of dancers in Majdal, and one of those who play the administrative role in the troupe. Between 2017 and 2019, participated in two short Dabkeh shows, and now Majdal troupe is working on producing an artistic show.

Akka Hamdan is a visual arts student and a Folklore Dancer who started dancing Folklore since 2017 traind by a Palestinian dance troupe called El-funoun pdt And now A Part of a dance troupe called Majdal , And has taken apart of two devised theatre performances with Seenaryo organization “Up to the light “ which explores the depths of imagination and childhood fears ,and “Turned Into Stars” A devised theater piece after Jean Genet in cooperation with MMAG organization ,and “Last Party at Baqaá Camp” An Experimental Street Performance mixing physical theatre with object theatre directed by Husam Abed and choreographed by Ryuji Yamaguchi . And lately she’s taking part in a physical theater play called “Ella Ant” by director Majd Al-Qasas.

Yazan Al-Terawe is an ordinary Mechatronics engineer during the day and an enthusiastic folkloric dancer at all other times. He started his journey in 2016 by taking folkloric dancing courses in a initiative called “Darzeh”, after that he moved to another level by being a folkloric dancer in a project in Jordan for a Palestinian dance troupe called “El-funoun pdt” for tow years, and during that has been a part of two short folkloric dancing (Dabkeh) shows. Currently he is one of the co-founders for a folkloric dance troupe in Jordan called “Majdal”.

Suhaib Al Naser is a college student. In his whole life he used to practice folkloric dabke dance as a type of folk dance on occasions. In 2018 he joined a project supervised by the known Palestinian dance troupe “El-funoun pdt” and participate in one short dabkeh show during this project. Now, he is one of the co-founders of a folkloric dance troupe in Jordan called “Majdal”.

Jafar Armoush is a computer science student and a folkloric dancer. He started his journey in 2017 by participating in a project supervised by the Palestinian dance troupe “El-Funoun PDT”. After two years he has been a part of establishing the Jordanian dance troupe “Majdal” and became one of the dancers and coaches in it. In collaboration with Al-Jana foundation in Beirut, he shared his experience and helped training a group of teenagers from Lebanon Palestinian camps.

Besan Ja’ara born in Madaba, Jordan. I’m pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Middle East University. As a child I have always been part of the school’s Dabkeh team. I have always been a fan of Dabkeh and passionate about participating in a team that will bring out the best in me. Since July this year, I started practicing with Majdal; afterwards I started dancing as a member of Majdal.

Nour Abuaziza was born in Amman-Jordan as a child she was highly active in sports and was a ballet dancer in school from 2006-2009. Unfortunately a cultural issue prevented her from dancing further then she continued to be active in other athletic activities, including basketball. As she progressed through middle and high school, she became very interested in the intersection between her society and dancing and started to be more involved with activities which could explore and explain the relation between these two fields. Currently Nour is studying Social Work and a singer in “Amman” choir Also a dbkeh dancer in “Majdal” that represents the cultural resistance. Nour hopes to use her degree and her skills in dancing to improve the importance of dancing to her society.

Majdal Folk Ensemble includes a total of 25 members. Most of members will be participating in the proposed project of Majdal with CCC. They will also be featured in the final performance of as the result of the proposed project at the end of CCC.

-Our Project with CCC-

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