Jamal Suleiman

Dance Artist



Jamal Suleiman (Jordan): My name is Jamal Suleiman, I am 26 years old dancer from Amman -Jordan. I have been passionate about dancing and art since I was a young kid however my passion turned into the career and hobby in 2015.

I started taking classes in different dance academies where I discovered and learned more about different dancing styles. I’ve done mainly hip-hop and street dance where I added some twists and styles to it. I am a creative, energetic, open for adapting new movements and I enjoy working as a part of the team.

My dream is to open my international dance studio and finish a Master degree in Fine Arts in Theatre and Dance.

“I danced, still dancing and going to dance until my last day.” — Jamal Suleiman

-Why Join CCC?-

I like learning about dance theory and techniques and I believe that Cheorography Creation Camp will help me understand and allow me to gain new essential knowledge related to dance and production. I would like to bring my proposed project to live and one day showcase it to the public.

-My Project with CCC-

My project is called “N9ne to 5ive box”, which is a dance performance of four to six dancers with energetic music. It is inspired by daily routine, living in a box, and break out of the box. I plan to have a dance video first as an output of this project. Later, I plan to develop this project to an evening-length-theatre piece.

For more:

CCC Participating Artist/Group

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What is CCC

CCC Training Manual

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