Hasan Alresheq


Hasan Alresheq (Jordan): I started dancing and learning it as a hobby, in particular after I saw Michael Jackson in a video.

I liked to do similar moves. When I was nine years old, when I was watching MJ’s videos, I liked more to see more videos For popping dancers. I wanted to imitate them as well and the wave motions that they do.

I made my first presentation of my life, when i was 12 years old to the school which i studying at and the show was very amazing and caught the eyes of all the public because it is strange for a child of 2 this age to do these movements, especially in an Arab country .

Then I realized my passion for dancing. But I didn’t know that as my passion for dancing there is another passion, which is parkour, after I saw two men from Russia making movements and I loved to training on it so much, and they introduced me to them and made me train with them. My first paid dance show when I was 16.

After many performances, I entered a dance group and stayed there for 3 years, and it was specialized in Dabkeh. At that time I was doing outdoor parkour shows and acting . In 2019 I started expressive dance, but I didn’t put all my effort but I will in future.

Performances I participated in:

  • Performance at Assi Elhilani Jerash Festival
  • Performance atMohammad el asaaf zarqa university
  • Performance at Diana Karazon Fuhais festival
  • Performance at Jordan university
  • Performance at Queen Raina Teacher Prize
  • Performance at West Asia trophy basketball
  • Performance with a Syria song clip
  • Performance at many daily wedding shows

-My Project with CCC-

The idea is that I want to merge all the talents I has put efforts into for years, and merge the Western and Eastern cultures through dance (Popping , hip-hop , parkour , dabkeh and Expressionist dance ) And how make a professional choreography in a theoretical and practical way.

For more:

CCC Participating Artist/Group

CCC Mentor

What is CCC

CCC Training Manual

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