Amer Dahman

Dance Artist


Amer Dahman (Jordan): Dahman had been dancing since the age of 14. He is originally a Bboy (Breakdancer). Through his movement, he merges with the funk selections and dives deep into sound to make it visible. The exploration through sound organically led him to exploring other disciplines of physical expressions, including contemporary dance, Latin dances and traditional Dabkeh to name a few.

Amer’s passion lies into the technical and historical intersections between those disciplines, and the philosophy of his work is to shed light on those intersections, revisit our common ancestors, and remind us all that we have more in common than we think. Given its universal naturality and uniqueness, Amer always believed that there’s more to the arts – particularly Breaking- than keeping it on the streets. He choreographed and participated in multiple theatrical performances and represented Jordan in various dance festivals and conferences worldwide. He is also a dance teacher and mentor to many amateur and professional dancers.

Amer’s choreographic work: Amer in Bboy Mode as part of an online weekly series of portraits of Artists / Art / Culture in the UAE.

Amer’s choreographic work in his Video Portrait


  • Zakahref in motion dance festival 2012 (3 Au Cube) Abderazak Houmi
  • Tempo dance academy annual show 2013 (Darwin’s theory)
  • National centre of Culture and Arts 2019 (Selective Amnesia)
  • International Dance Encounter Amman 2019 (Wujoud Wa Hodoud)

-My Project with CCC-

Artistic Statement:

Accepting the terrible responsibility of life is a fact that sits in front of our eyes, yet we choose to neglect it. It’s a challenge that we don’t want to face because we don’t want to specify conditions for failure.

Contrarily, by doing so, we destroy our selves and end up being resentful and malevolent towards life and blame the circumstances. While the higher self is sitting there buried under layers of false perception of ourselves and reality.

If we face our demons, our inadequacies, our shadow, we bring forward our true authentic self, with its defined God given purpose, and what we bring forward saves us.

This journey seems to be not for everyone. It requires a lot of self-sacrifice, a lot of self-consulting, a lot of deep work and multiple deaths and rebirths throughout lifetime.

If we make the unconscious conscious, like Jung said, we direct our being and call it fate. And no one can become conscious without a considerable moral effort.

To become conscious, it requires recognizing the dark aspect of our personality as present and real, this act is essential for any kind of Self-Knowledge.

And Self-Knowledge is what brings our purpose into light, that’s how we become whole, that’s how we are more in sync with the existence.

Dig into yourself like you dig into the wells for gold and copper, we are all too complex to know ourselves completely, but we all contain wisdom.

We all aspire for that, we all belong to the beauty of being, we all aim for tilting our lives towards order, towards heaven.

Self-exploration is worth it, and Self-Knowledge is in no book and not to be found in the mouth of any teacher but grows out of our inner-self like the green seed from the dark earth.

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